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  • Project

    An new theme for the Open Source DAW called LMMS.

    You can download the icons from this theme

  • Art

    It’s hard to believe that only 21 days of 2015 have passed. So much has happened in so little time, and it’s been fantastic. Let me bring you up to date with what has been going on...

  • Recent Posts

    While browsing the interwebs, I somehow came across this interesting little book by Tom Morkes about The Art Of Instigating. It’s a nice length, easily read in one sitting. Unlike most books...

  • BittyBug

     Pumpkins, apples and pears fill the garden with wonderful smells and beautiful colors this time of year.

    BittyBug loves to watch the leaves in the trees above turn to various shades...

  • book

    As promised, here is the paragraph long excerpt of my upcoming novel "The Golden Cauldron"

    The island of Lupin’quif was quite unlike any of the...
  • book

    So I finished BittyBug when I was 12, but I still had a long journey ahead out me. Now it was time to publish the book.

    For the first few months, it was very educational. I learned all...